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Frankly, I am in a quandary here. I have many matches in my personal collection, but I am not convinced they are suitable for sharing. For starters, they aren’t annotated. Being a writer, if I ever get around to doing a full annotation of a match, you can count on my publishing it. Another problem is that many of the matches are not really mine; friends have shared them, but letting me peek at their peccadilloes is not the same as inviting the world to do so. What I hope is that some of those same friends have matches that they would like to share with the world, perhaps with their insights appended.

Meanwhile, here are a few appetizers to whet your appetite. These aren’t necessarily the best played matches in the archives, but they are all interesting matches. Not that they were poorly played, but they all were contested during 1996, when JellyFish™ was just making its mark, and Snowie was a mere flake not yet fallen to earth. And not all matches are created equal. I have seen matches where it would have been a challenge for any decent intermediate to fail to crack 3.0 on the Snowie rating scale. Other times the decisions the dice handed out were so complex that a world class player could be proud to score 5.0!

These three matches may not be quite so challenging, but they are hardly no-brainers. They also have some historical significance in that each was a final in a major tournament. The match with Kit was the finals of the Midwest Championships, and the match with David Montgomery was a five-hour Battle Royal in the finals of the US Open. The Magriel match was only the Consolation Finals at the Indiana Open, but it has some interesting sidelights. It was featured as the cover story of the last full-length issue of the Hoosier newsletter, when Paul and I played it we were both coming off winning finishes in Dallas (he won the World Cup Consolation while I was winning the US Open), and as good a match as it was, it was only the distantly second best match we played that weekend. We had met in the first round of the Masters, and played an incredible match, probably the best I had ever had recorded. Unfortunately the notes were left in the chouette room overnight, and the janitorial staff a little too diligent. Since the match you are about to study is a damned good match, just imagine what was lost!




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