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Backgammon Book Reviews

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Can a Fish Taste Twice as Good?
by Jake Jacobs & Walter Trice

The notion that a player might change his handling of the doubling cube during a match, based upon the relative s trength of his opponent, is an old one. When I wrote Fish, my first book, in 1996, the advice in the backgammon literature was conjectural. Using software developed by Walter Trice I attempted to quantify such changes. Read more

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Four-Point
by Jake Jacobs

In 1990 I began contributing articles to most of the leading backgammon periodicals. By the time I had completed Can a Fish Taste Twice as Good? I had written quite a few, enough for this collection. Read more

backgammon book review

Backgammon Boot Camp
by Walter Trice

Ship me off to the front lines! A review of Walter Trice's book

New Ideas in Backgammon
by Kit Woolsey & Hal Heinrich

For advanced intermediate to expert, the book is a must read. The more expert you are, or hope to be, the more certain it is that you need a copy of this one on your shelf. Review

backgammon book review

Boards Blots and Double Shots
by Norm Wiggins

A review of Norm Wiggins book of backgammon problems.

Modern Backgammon
by Bill Robertie

If you read this book, you WILL become a better backgammon player. Click here for a complete review.

Backgammon For Serious Players
by Bill Robertie

In reviewing BACKGAMMON FOR SERIOUS PLAYERS, I asked parallel questions: how good is this book for cousin Minnie, a neophyte, and, how good is it for a truly serious player? Here is the complete review.

What Colour is the Wind reviewed

What Colour is the Wind
by Chris Bray

Chris Bray is an English expert who writes a weekly newspaper column for The Independent in Britain. Wind is a collection of some of his columns from 1998-2001, as well as columns he wrote for Netgammon. Click here for complete review.

improve your backgammon reviewed

Improve Your Backgammon
by Paul Lamford

A very worthwhile book. click here for the complete review.

by Paul Magriel

No other book comes close in instructing beginning players on how to think about the game.


Some of the best sources for books include:

Flint Boutique ( Carol Joy has the book (dice, board, etc.) for you!

The Fortuitous Press started as a self-publishing venture for Jeremey Bagai’s Classic Backgammon Revisited, but it is growing fast. (

The Gammon Press is Bill Robertie’s baby, and has some of the best backgammon and poker books extant. (

A great European site is Chris Ternel’s a source for all your backgammon needs!

The Gammon Village Store ( Part of the Gammon Village site.

The Japan Backgammon League’s Shop (

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