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Test Your Thai

Usually it’s easy picking positions for an article. If I am covering a tournament I select a theme (“young upstart kayos old pro,” “everyone who cashed was from [somewhere],” “so and so played exceptionally well,” etc.) and dig out the positions that illustrate the theme without inducing yawns. There are always positions left over, and like Fibber McGee’s closet my hard drive is stuffed with all sorts of strange stuff. But some tournaments yield more than the usual number of positions. The Thai Open has always been a good source of material; staying and playing for two or more weeks means I see a lot of games. The ten positions in this month’s quiz all occurred during my stay in Pattaya. Call your local Thai delivery service for a plate of Pad Thai, crack open a Singha (these preparations are to get you in the mood), and take the quiz.
backgammon positions 1 and 2



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