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A Big Finish

“Take a look at this one!” cried the Philanthropist.

It was the last game of the night, so those not busy with important matters like complaining about the bad dice they had rolled all night moved close for a look.

“I should beaver this!” The Philanthropist had a theory that any cube he wouldn’t have given must be a beaver.

“You should,” said Hard Luck Harvey. Harvey was “only” up eight points, and hoped that a redoubled, beavered gammon win, putting him up “only” twenty-four points would erase the memory of the games the Philanthropist had somehow won.

“I just take.” The Philanthropist tucked the 4-cube into the tray on his side. “Just shake your dice!” he added, when Harvey rolled a 36 from the bar.

“Ooh! There’s justice in the world,” said Harvey, as the Philanthropist rolled his own 63.

“Shouldn’t you have brought both down?” Harvey asked, after the Philanthropist played 13/4.

“Shouldn’t you have rolled something different?” The Philanthropist countered after Harvey’s 32.

“You aren’t really going to run out?”

The Philanthropist hadn’t planned to – he was going to play 13/7, 4/2 – but he figured that since Harvey was trying to talk him out of playing 24/16 he should play it. Which was what Harvey hoped all along.

Harvey rolled his own 62, hitting on his 9-point. The Philanthropist came in with 15.

“Hit something!” Harvey threw extra hard, to get the dice in a hitting mood.

“See, you get everything you want!” said the Philanthropist since Harvey had been dealt a hitter.

“Now any three for me!” said the Philanthropist, and rolled a 35. “Hmm?” He thought long and hard about his forced move, before finally playing the forced bar/22, 6/1. “I bet Snowie likes my play!”

“If I were greedy,” Harvey informed the crowd, “I’d call for 55, but instead I’ll happily take whatever the dice give me.”

“Since everything hits!” said the Philanthropist. “Except that!” he announced, goggle-eyed, as Harvey justified his nom de guerre by rolling 66.

“I’m not ashamed to call my best: 64!” the Philanthropist said. “It’s the Paul Franks theory of dice calling,” he explained, after getting a 44. “Paul always calls his second best number, and always rolls his best. Works every time!”

HLH rolled his own 44.

“You’re taking this cube?” the Philanthropist asked, as Harvey did. “Whose money are you planning to pay with?”

“Yours, laughing boy.”

“That’s right, you’re up eight points. Of my money.” The Philanthropist shook his head in wonderment. “I guess that means I have to gammon you to win some of your money.” And he did.



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