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Thainy Quiz

It looks like New Year’s Day is now the regular starting date for the Thai Open. Morten Daugbjerg walked off with this year’s Open trophy. Fortunately, he had won it, so there was no need to get the police involved. Morten is now living in Pattaya. Perhaps he inspired his neighbors as Pattayans captured most of the trophies. Bruno Orsuni won the consolation, beating Philippe Meunier, while Gerhard Schulze came out on top of Khun Tiva in the last chance. Michael “Baby” Burkhart is now “Baby Crocodile” Burkhart after winning the Crocodile Catcher event. (Baby isn’t exactly a Pattayan, but he spends almost half his time, and almost all his money there, so he holds honorary citizenship.) Only in the Desperado Cup were the locals shut out, with John Slattery of Scotland topping Hong Kong’s Max Modesti. That leaves the Super Jackpot, and it too stayed in Pattaya, as Gerhard “Backjoker” Schulze defeated Jörgen “The Joker” Grandstedt in a hard fought final match. I was lucky enough to obtain a copy of the match to run through Snowie. (Both players were “World Class.”) I found a number of positions quite interesting, and thought I would present them. So, for those who can’t wait for 2004, or who want to experience vicariously the thrill of playing in Thailand in 2003, here is a little, nay, a Thainy quiz.

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