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Tilting Toward Bali Some backgammon positions form a tournament in Bali.

Million Dollar Tournament
The first million dollar backgammon tournament in the Bahamas. Results are in with pictures.
Thaime for an article Some positions from Thailand.
Giant 32 Who are the best backgammon players in the world?
Backgammon Quiz 12 quiz problems
Making Her Point Notes and positions from teaching a beginner.
Thainy Quiz
A backgammon quiz from Thailand
I Don't get the Point! A prime vs. prime position.

Christmas With Uncle Jake
A backgammon proposition and Jacobs family traditions.
Las Vegas Backgammon How I became a backgammon writer in the heyday of Las Las Vegas. This article has everything you normally associate with Vegas backgammon: wiseguys, numbers guys, card counters, naked showgirls covered in honey, and of course, MAX.
What Colour is the Wind by Chris Bray Chris Bray is an English expert who writes a weekly newspaper column for The Independent . Click here for complete review.
Improve Your Backgammon
by Paul Lamford
A very worthwhile book. click here for the complete review.

Modern Backgammon
by Bill Robertie
If you read this book, you WILL become a better backgammon player. Click here for a complete review.

Chinese Technology
The Yin and Yang of backgammon on a visit to Ningbo China. Complete with pictures!
China Trade Make a little extra money wheeling and dealing in your chouettes.
King of Backgammon Tales of a tournament in Tokyo.
A Big Finish High stakes money play at its funniest.
Asian Smorgasbord A humerous article about tournaments in Hong kong and Japan, complete with a 12 problem quiz!
Backgammon Boot Camp Ship me off to the front lines; I’m a graduate of Backgammon Boot Camp! For a complete review of Walter Trice’s book click here.
Test Your Thai Backgammon quiz questions straight from Thailand.
The 26th Sense Why is 2,6 the most mystical number in backgammon?
For advanced intermediate to expert, the book is a must read. The more expert you are, or hope to be, the more certain it is that you need a copy of this one on your shelf. Complete Review
Boards Blots and Double Shots A review of Norm Wiggins book of backgammon problems.
Crouching Beaver Hidden Double More intrigue from Hong Kong backgammon.
Final Exam Backgammon problems from Japan.
Problem 293 Not all my problems are from Asia. Here is one from Chicago.
Backgammon For Serious Players by Bill Robertie I asked parallel questions: how good is this book for cousin Minnie, a neophyte, and, how good is it for a truly serious player? Review


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